Boy, this will be a busy weekend.  We’ll be holding our weekly meeting as usual in Gates B12 on Saturday, 10/13, at 8pm.  We’ll be watching a random from fall season, continuing with ep 2 of Little Busters, ep 5-6 of Kokoro Connect, and hoping that my laptop + chrome + flash + crunchyroll don’t cause a blue screen of death.
Saturday is also Anime Destiny, and I’ll be leaving around 9:30am.  We’ll be back before dinner for sure.  A list of events is here:  There’s plenty of space in the car, so if you are interested in coming just email newtype-officers AT with your phone number.
Lastly, but by far not least, is our first karaoke outing this Sunday, 10/14.  Yay!
If you live on East campus, please meet at Escondido Turnaround by 10:30am.
If you live on West campus, please meet in front of Lagunita also by 10:30am.
It will be at Gamba Karaoke, with Joysound machines.  Last time we checked, they were updated with Japanese music (and plenty of Vocaloid) until June-July 2012.  Hopefully, they will be updated with more, but at least it’ll be that much.
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  1. What happened to this club? Is there still an anime group at Stanford?

  2. math4origami says:

    The club  is still active, Im just too lazy to post  on the website. If you want to get our club announcements, please sign up to the mailing list at

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